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April 2017

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What is CharityVision?

285 million people in the world are suffering from visual impairment and blindness that prevents them from working, providing for their families, connecting with others and living a fulfilling life. CharityVision is a nonprofit organization with a focus on empowering local physicians in the developing world to create sustainable solutions to blindness in over 25 countries worldwide.

Charity Vision is excited to announce the travel plans for our annual giving trip. We are planning on spending the first week of April 2017 in the beautiful Indonesian islands, including Bali.

Tentative Itinerary

The following is an outline of our tentative schedule, which would involve 6 days in country. Since it does take some time to travel to Indonesia you should plan on at least 8 days total for the trip.

Almost all of the travel on this trip from island to island will be done at night on a 130 ft. yacht. Each couple will have their own suite on the yacht. All in country meals, travel and accommodations will be covered by Charity Vision.

All guests will fly into Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) in Bali. Guests should arrive early that day or even the night before to allow for some time to sightsee and to take some time to recover from jet lag.

Upon arrival, a shuttle will take you on the scenic 1-hour drive to the Ubud Maya Hotel in the town of Ubud, located in the foothills of the Gianyar Regency. The small town is nestled among rice paddies, small farms, and a dense forest. There are a number of museums and temples to see during the day.

That evening we will enjoy dinner in the hotel and get to bed early.

We will head to the market in Ubud that morning and prepare for a cooking class where we will learn some local cooking techniques. For lunch, we will eat the meals prepared then head down to the Mutiara Laut Yacht.

We will set sail in the afternoon towards Lombok. That night we will enjoy dinner on the boat.

We will awake on the Island of Lombok. That morning we will have a group training on how to conduct eye screenings. Each person will be supplied with the tools required to conduct a successful screening. After the training, we will head directly to a school to screen both children and adults.

After the screening, we will break off into small groups to visit the homes of some of the people we have screened.

That afternoon we will head back to the coast where we will experience more of the Indonesian culture, swim and scuba dive (for those interested).

That evening we will have a BBQ on the beach then head back to the boat. Overnight we will sail from Lombok to Bima.

We will awake on the Island of Sumbawa and will again spend the morning doing some eye screenings. We are hoping to visit an orphanage on the island as well and get a feel of the local culture.

In the afternoon we will head back to the beach for more snorkeling, scuba and even some surf lessons for those brave enough to try.

That evening we will have dinner on the boat and head to Komodo Island.

This will be a full day of exploration and adventure. Komodo is the habitat to the Komodo Dragon and a population of only 2,000 people. Komodo is also the home of the only pink sand beach in the world.

In the morning we will visit Flores Hospital where we will be able to watch the surgeries of the very patients we screened earlier in the week. During the day we will have the opportunity to deliver glasses to the school children and explore the island a bit.

Later that evening there will be a farewell dinner on the yacht.

Many of the group will fly back to Bali and return home. For those looking for a bit more adventure, they can take the yacht back to Bali with a few stops along the way. This trip will take about 2 days.

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