Cusco Peru Expedition

November 6-11, 2017

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What is CharityVision?

285 million people in the world are suffering from visual impairment and blindness that prevents them from working, providing for their families, connecting with others and living a fulfilling life. CharityVision is a nonprofit organization with a focus on empowering local physicians in the developing world to create sustainable solutions to blindness in over 25 countries worldwide.

What is An Expedition?

An expedition is an opportunity to experience our work first-hand and have some fun seeing the world at the same time. You can expect to spend 30% of your time doing humanitarian service and 70% engaging in cultural experiences. Participating in screening children and adults for refractive error, cataract and other eye problems, you will be immersed in our outreach projects throughout the region. After meeting our expenses, your participation in this expedition is a donation that will help us expand our programs in Peru which provide sight to over 3,000 Peruvians a year.

How Do I Know An Expedition is “For Me?”

Our expeditions are for the adventurous, fun-loving, outdoorsy, flexible young and young-at-heart. As is with all things in life, it will be what you make it! We expect all of our participants to be team players with positive attitudes. Peru is a world away and has its own set of rules, and we roll with what comes our way. Not everything will go exactly as planned. There will be a lot of walking and moderate hiking, as well as some exposure to the elements on the days we are doing outreach. Bring a smile and a sense of humor for an amazing trip.

Any Reason I Shouldn’t Come?

If you aren’t willing to get your hands dirty, rough it a little and be adaptable, this isn’t the experience for you. Our hotel accommodations will be modest and comfortable, but we will work in areas where the standard of living is not what you may be used to. If you are not interested in that sort of experience, we do not recommend participating in CharityVision expeditions.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Each expedition is $2,900 USD, including airfare and all expenses. We will arrange all accommodations. We will leave Salt Lake City for Cusco on Monday, November 6th, arriving in Cusco on Monday, November 6th. We depart from Cusco to Salt Lake City on November 11th.

To apply, fill out the attached application and send it to with a $1,000 dollar deposit* to CharityVision to secure your spot. For further questions, contact Haleigh at

*Check may be sent to the mailing address below, or paid via PayPal account If sending via PayPal, please select “Family and Friends” to avoid fees.

CharityVision International • 3210 N Canyon Rd. Suite 107 Provo, UT 84604 • 919-259-6680


“Cusco is a city stopped in time. Once part of the Incan empire, it was conquered in the 1500s by the Spanish conquistadors. The result is a city caught between two worlds. These people are fiercely loyal to the deep-rooted ancient traditions that define its culture today. It is home the great monuments of the Inca (including Machu Picchu) and the sacred Inca culture. Be prepared for awe-inspiring vistas, mountains, overflowing rivers, amazing food and service to some of the world’s most traditional people.” Days and locations may change as plans finalize.

  • 3 PM All participants arrive from Lima
  • 6 PM Meet in lobby for dinner at Tunupa
  • 8-9 AM Leave hotel for Chinchero school screening
  • 9 AM – 12 PM Chinchero school screening
  • 12-2 PM See town of Chinchero
  • 2-4 PM Begin hike to Urquillos, picnic lunch
  • 4-5 PM Arrive in Urquillos, take bus back to Cusco
  • 6 PM Dinner at Martin’s Pizza Place
  • 8-9:30 AM Cataract Surgeries
    • Sacsayhuaman complex + Qenko etc.
    • Tipón
  • 6 PM Dinner
  • 8 AM-9 AM Patients Take off their Bandages
  • 9-10 AM Drive to Maras
  • 10 AM-1 PM Community outreach near Maras
  • 1-2 PM Packed lunch break
  • 2-6 PM See Moray and Maras Salinera
  • 7 PM Dinner in Cusco
  • 9-11 AM Leave for Ollantaytambo
  • 11 AM – 2 PM Donate supplies at Ábra Málaga
  • 3 PM Lunch in Ollantaytambo
  • 3-5 PM Fortress of Ollantaytambo
  • 5 PM Train to Aguas Calientes
  • 7 PM Dinner in Aguas Calientes
  • Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu Day
  • 1 PM Lunch in Aguas Calientes
  • 2 PM Train back to Ollantaytambo
  • 4 PM Bus back to Cusco

Expedition Itinerary


Expedition Application & Release