Indonesia with the Romneys


This last week, a group of 20, including Mitt Romney and family members, along with other donors have joined us in our humanitarian efforts in Indonesia. The results of this trip were very impactful– 3 community vision screenings, 4 elementary school screenings, over one hundred cataract surgeries, and $50,000 in surgical equipment and supplies. The group was working with 5 doctors and 9 nurses from Cipto Medical School.

The group was traveling in 2 yachts, sailing island to island. They arrived in Bali and visited Lombok, Sumbawa Island, Komodo, and Flores. They also enjoyed seeing this beautiful part of the world.

CharityVision expeditions are an amazing experience to not only travel and learn about new cultures and parts of the world, but feel good doing it! Just like this trip with the Romneys, you can travel with us while ending the blindness epidemic. Stay updated on future expeditions by following us on social media and visiting!


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