Haleigh in Haiti


Our Programs Director, Haleigh Perry, recently returned from a visit to Port Au Prince! Check out the highlights below.

Outreach in Petit Goave with Dr. Pierre Gladimir –
We drove out to Petit Goave, a rural area 2 hours outside of Port au Prince, where there are no on-going services for ophthalmology and tons of need. Dr. Gladimir and his partner have a small clinic that they operate in twice per week, making the trip from Port au Prince every time. Dr. Gladimir saw 30 patients per hour for 3 hours straight while we were there, it was pretty remarkable. He was very quick and very loving with the patients and saw them in a small concrete building in the back of a church in the middle of the bush. Definitely humble digs, nothing fancy, but the people came. They each paid 3 dollars to see the ophthalmologist which serves to cover the costs of coming all the way out to the area, and also covers medications and nurses salaries. It makes the program moderately sustainable for us. While we were out, we found the little boy Emerson with the congenital cataract. Here is his story:

“It was immediately noticeable something wasn’t right with Emerson’s eyes when he came to the screening yesterday. He didn’t smile or play and he looked scared. Dr. Gladimir found a cataract in each eye, meaning this little boy was completely blind. CharityVision will sponsor his surgery back in Port-au-Prince and Dr. Gladimir himself will do the operation.”

We also had an outreach at a local high school in Port au Prince which was really difficult to see. It was a private high school, and even so, the floors were covered in dirt and the desks were completely destroyed (and most students didn’t even have desks). We saw about 120 children there and screened for refractive error and cataracts, though we didn’t see quite as much need as we did in Petit Goave.

We went to Cap Haitien and signed an agreement with Vision Plus Clinique docs Dr. Lucien, Dupuy and Roney to start a brand new clinic in Gonaives. This clinic will be the first of its kind in Gonaives and all of the equipment will be provided by CharityVision. All of the doctors will be locals providing a solution to the blindness epidemic. This clinic will also perform at least an outreach a week to rural areas to bring people to the clinic.

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