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May 2017 Sneak Peek

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Wilbur’s Story

Fola’s Story


Strange circumstances…

Strange circumstances... a Hindu statue in a country surrounded by very Buddhist nations... But whose major religion is definitely Islam. I think the Hindus history pre-dates the Moslems by 2000 years. This is the entrance to Batu Cave and .... "Hello Shiva." Of course, there [...]

Where am I now?

"They" have kept me running since I landed here - my old stomping grounds (or should I say "tinikling" grounds). "They" are the people who run things for Deseret and CharityVision here. This is where things started happening as far as the foundation is concerned,...where [...]

Strawberry fields… forever!

I started this trip with a purposeful, all day Saturday layover in one of my favorite cities. The city that never sleeps... A close second to my favorite of all---(I'll leave you guessing on that one!) Started off making sure the camera was charged and [...]

A whirlwind trip to Uganda.

A return trip to a country I have written about before...recently. They have the Nile - really wild white water in places, cataracts 4's and 5's. Centralized cataract They have silver backs - gorillas that is. But they ate most of their other wild game [...]

Between my time in Ireland and Amsterdam

Between my time in Ireland and Amsterdam I spent some time working - not just playing. Instead of being with my granddaughter Shane, I spent quality time with Lucat, Mioty, Narovana and Serge. Lucat Mioty Narovana Serge [...]

Amsterdam – 2013

I took a granddaughter for a short trip to visit Ann Frank, etc... in the city of canals (not Venice)... and bicycles. We ate a lot of Papa Fritz or Patates Frites with mayonaisse, etc. Went to see her "favorite" artist - interesting choice! Where's [...]

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