Surprising Things You Can Get for $25

It's December---the Season of Giving! But who wants to give the present that receives just a polite smile then disappears into the pile and is forgotten? We want our gifts to be memorable! There's nothing quite like that feeling of giving someone exactly what they wanted without realizing it until the moment they tear off [...]

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Ann Romney Appointed to the CharityVision International Board of Directors

CharityVision International, the global leader in sustainable philanthropic eye care programs, announced the appointment of Ann Romney to the CharityVision Board of Directors today, effective December 1, 2014. Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) December 1, 2014—CharityVision, the global leader in sustainable philanthropic eye care programs, announced their newest board member today. Ann Romney has graciously [...]

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Mitt Romney and family in Peru with CharityVision

Mitt and Ann Romney traveled with friends and family down to Peru with CharityVision International. There they discovered how great a need there is for charitable eye work. Charity Vision International is a non-profit organization focused on restoring curable sight impairment in people of developing nations. CharityVision empowers highly-trained and highly-motivated local physicians throughout the [...]

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It’s not every day you open your windows and see this staring you in the face: What an amazing view from my apartment! My first day in El Salvador was unlike anything I could have imagined. The day started with going to the market, getting some mangos (of course), hiding the thousands of [...]

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Today was probably one of the more surreal days of my existence. I’ve known for months I was going on this trip, and I’d heard people gush over how lucky I was for just as long. I knew I was fortunate to have such an incredible overseas adventure…but for some reason, the excitement just didn’t [...]

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What’s the Event?

QUESTION: Where do you go to be part of a religious event that lasts a month (no, not Lent --- but good guess) and requires a daily fast from sun up to sun down?  As I got out of the taxi at my host house there were almost 300 poor people being served the post-sundown [...]

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Journey to the Golden Temple

My last stop in India on this trip is to the Holy City of the Sikh's - and the site of their Golden Temple. I took a night train - comfortable sleeper with A/C... and roommate. At 6 A.M. I was at my destination. Not many places in the world like an Indian train station. [...]

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