Today was probably one of the more surreal days of my existence. I’ve known for months I was going on this trip, and I’d heard people gush over how lucky I was for just as long. I knew I was fortunate to have such an incredible overseas adventure…but for some reason, the excitement just didn’t [...]

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What’s the Event?

QUESTION: Where do you go to be part of a religious event that lasts a month (no, not Lent --- but good guess) and requires a daily fast from sun up to sun down?  As I got out of the taxi at my host house there were almost 300 poor people being served the post-sundown [...]

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Journey to the Golden Temple

My last stop in India on this trip is to the Holy City of the Sikh's - and the site of their Golden Temple. I took a night train - comfortable sleeper with A/C... and roommate. At 6 A.M. I was at my destination. Not many places in the world like an Indian train station. [...]

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Mother India – Week #1

Can you find the region or state? I am told it does have some nice beaches on the Gulf of Bengal (Indian Ocean). The trip here from Delhi takes a good day... or maybe it was a bad day... but it does take all day (plane or train... then train or car)... with a stop [...]

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Strange circumstances…

Strange circumstances... a Hindu statue in a country surrounded by very Buddhist nations... But whose major religion is definitely Islam. I think the Hindus history pre-dates the Moslems by 2000 years. This is the entrance to Batu Cave and .... "Hello Shiva." Of course, there was no escalator or moving sidewalk at the cave - [...]

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Where am I now?

"They" have kept me running since I landed here - my old stomping grounds (or should I say "tinikling" grounds). "They" are the people who run things for Deseret and CharityVision here. This is where things started happening as far as the foundation is concerned,...where local doctors offered their skills for free...and hospitals obliged with [...]

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Strawberry fields… forever!

I started this trip with a purposeful, all day Saturday layover in one of my favorite cities. The city that never sleeps... A close second to my favorite of all---(I'll leave you guessing on that one!) Started off making sure the camera was charged and ready. I met up with my New Delhi family, Arun [...]

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A whirlwind trip to Uganda.

A return trip to a country I have written about before...recently. They have the Nile - really wild white water in places, cataracts 4's and 5's. Centralized cataract They have silver backs - gorillas that is. But they ate most of their other wild game in the past and are now trying to repopulate certain [...]

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Between my time in Ireland and Amsterdam

Between my time in Ireland and Amsterdam I spent some time working - not just playing. Instead of being with my granddaughter Shane, I spent quality time with Lucat, Mioty, Narovana and Serge. Lucat Mioty Narovana Serge ...and a dozen other little people. Serge's surgery only got [...]

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Amsterdam – 2013

I took a granddaughter for a short trip to visit Ann Frank, etc... in the city of canals (not Venice)... and bicycles. We ate a lot of Papa Fritz or Patates Frites with mayonaisse, etc. Went to see her "favorite" artist - interesting choice! Where's Normal Rockwell when you need him. We got a picture [...]

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