A whirlwind trip to Uganda.

A return trip to a country I have written about before...recently. They have the Nile - really wild white water in places, cataracts 4's and 5's. Centralized cataract They have silver backs - gorillas that is. But they ate most of their other wild game in the past and are now trying to repopulate certain [...]

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Between my time in Ireland and Amsterdam

Between my time in Ireland and Amsterdam I spent some time working - not just playing. Instead of being with my granddaughter Shane, I spent quality time with Lucat, Mioty, Narovana and Serge. Lucat Mioty Narovana Serge ...and a dozen other little people. Serge's surgery only got [...]

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Amsterdam – 2013

I took a granddaughter for a short trip to visit Ann Frank, etc... in the city of canals (not Venice)... and bicycles. We ate a lot of Papa Fritz or Patates Frites with mayonaisse, etc. Went to see her "favorite" artist - interesting choice! Where's Normal Rockwell when you need him. We got a picture [...]

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Delightful Dublin

If you recognize this landmark, you are remarkable - and get to to to the top of the class. It was erected to commemorate some centennial - but I am told it was several years late in getting finished. It is just a needle - and the highest structure in the capitol city...just a short [...]

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Beautiful, but frustrating Brazil

These two photos are a giveaway as to where I am today. At one time our program did more corneal transplants in one of Brazil's largest cities, Belo Horizonte, than any other organization. Then the government got involved and demanded we send supp...

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Where am I now? Here’s a hint…

These pictures should give it away... The higest capitol national in the world, I am told they don't need much of a fire department because of the sparse oxygen. Here's a breathtaking panorama of - La Paz, Bolivia. The day after I arrived, the cou...

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A Ringtail and Good Friends

Where am I now? This picture should give you a hint. Can you find them? Yes, those are Ringtail Lemurs, so I must be in Madagascar! Dr. Branson Call, our Chief Medical Officer, and I visited this wonderful island off the east coast of Africa. Dr. ...

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New Friends in Mozambique

I traveled to my next stop by local bus. The trick is to purchase two seats so you don't have to share the ride with a chicken in your lap. They sell tickets without giving much thought to the amount of baggage (often trade goods) that will be acc...

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The last time I was here the flame trees were in full bloom - bright red blossoms. I am here a little earlier in the season and the Jacarandas are taking their turn. The streets are full of lavendar. The economy may be a little better, but they ha...

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