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Deseret Indonesia – Jakarta, Indonesia

Deseret Indonesia works with universities all over the country providing supplies and training to residency programs for charity work. In addition to ophthalmology, CharityVision has also donated shoes for The University of Jogjakarta’s Ponsetti program - a new, non-surgical technique for clubfoot. Partners Since: 1997 Surgeries Annually: 2,205

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Cairo Eye Center – Cairo, Egypt

“CharityVision has helped us as no one has helped us in our entire history. They have donated lasers, hundreds of corneas, supplies and provided training on the most recent methods in the field.” - Dr. Ahmed Hathoot Doctor Hathoot is a leader in Egypt for his medical expertise and generous heart. His private practice is [...]

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The University of Nairobi – Nairobi, Kenya

The University of Nairobi is dedicated to improving visual health in Kenya and throughout the continent with one of the most prolific residency programs in all of Africa. In 2012 alone, the university demonstrated its dedication to service through 18 outreaches country-wide, performing over 900 social surgeries. CharityVision has partnered with The University of Nairobi [...]

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The University of Zimbabwe – Harare, Zimbabwe

The University of Zimbabwe is a small residency program with a large heart. Under the direction of Dr. Masanganise, the university performs 4 large outreaches a year to some of the most hard-to-reach locations in the country. With a very small means, the university manages to perform over 1,000 charitable surgeries a year. Partners Since: [...]

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The Eye Foundation Hospital – Lagos, Nigeria

CharityVision has sponsored and funded The Eye Foundation Hospital since its inauguration in 1993 -  making it one of the most successful partnerships in our history. The facility boasts 4 locations across the country and provides approximately 5,000 charitable surgeries each year. Founded and directed by Dr. Kunle Hassan, The Eye Foundation Hospital is one [...]

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Fudem – San Salvador, El Salvador

FUDEM is a Private Nonprofit Organization founded by a group of businesswomen who have a great sense of social responsibility and altruistic spirit. CharityVision originally approached FUDEM with the idea of specializing in visual health and the organization has  grown exponentially since. Fudem now boasts 6 social programs in visual health, 4 satellite clinics, and [...]

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The Bois Verna Clinic – Port au Prince, Haiti

Dr. Jean Claude Cadet is the main player in all of ophthalmology in Haiti. As Dean of the medical school at The University of Haiti, Dr. Cadet has hosted numerous CharityVision doctors to provide trainings to residents. After nearly 10 years of partnership, the Cadet family and CharityVision have partnered to build the new Bois [...]

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Vision Plus Clinique – Cape Haitien, Haiti

“[My goal] is to provide quality eye care to the population of my native area, particularly the most disadvantaged.” - Dr. Guerline Roney Vision Plus Clinique, directed by Dr. Roney and her colleagues, was founded in 2009 with the help of CharityVision International and other international partners. The clinic’s business plan is a hybrid between [...]

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Hospital Lorena – Cusco, Perú

Juan Lopez Mogollon, our newest partner, is nothing short of a miracle for CharityVision. The Cusco region is both a tourist paradise and the center of many hard-to-reach areas for visual health. Doctor Mogollon’s expertise and CharityVision’s supplies have given the gift of sight to over 100 patients in just one year. Partner Since: 2014 [...]

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