National Institute of Ophthalmology – La Paz, Bolivia

"At a young age, I experienced traumas and illnesses of all kinds; but in [each one]...I will never forget the love and the decency with which I was treated. I learned that service done lovingly has an incredible healing power." - Dr. Joel Moya Dr. Joel Moya and the residents of the National Institute of [...]

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Dos de Mayo Hospital – Lima, Peru

In one of the most economically desperate areas of Lima, the Dos de Mayo Hospital has been diligently supporting the visual health needs of the region for decades. Doctor Ana Maria Florian and resident Cesar Garcia, both in their 30s, have dedicated their younger years to charitable work on behalf of the poor. Partner Since: [...]

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Deseret Burma – Rangoon, Burma

“When you save a life, you give the patient a chance to be reborn with the idea for a second chance.” - Dr. Khin Tu With the help of Dr. Khin Tu and the charitable efforts of buddhist leaders, CharityVision has built connections with various hospitals throughout Burma. In addition to surgeries, CharityVision has donated [...]

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Trilochan Netyralaya Hospital – Odisha, India

“The most humbling experience I get when I take off the bandage from the patients eyes as they see their lost world once again.” Doctor Shiva Prasad Sahoo has dedicated his life to curing blindness in the Indian state of Odisha by 2020. As head of the Trilochan Netralaya Eye Hospital, Shiva and his doctors [...]

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Arunodaya Deseret Hospital – Gurgaon, India

The Arunodaya Deseret Hospital was donated by CharityVision to the Arunodaya Trust in Gurgaon, India. Under the direction of Dr. Arun Sethi, the hospital has seen more than 1.2 million patients since opening and boasts mobile surgical suite campaigns in which patients are operated in rural areas. Partner Since: 2005   Surgeries Annually: 1,564  

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Saba Deseret Eye Hospital – Baffa, Pakistan

The Saba Deseret Eye Hospital was founded by Saba Aslam Education and Welfare Trust and CharityVision International in 2010. Since then, the hospital has attended over 17,000 patients and conducted over 53 visual outreach missions to primary schools throughout rural Pakistan with the support of leader Dr. Junaid Mehboob. Partner Since: 2010   Surgeries Annually: [...]

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