partnership program

Bring a life-changing cause into the workplace. Become a CV corporate partner.

CharityVision is proud to offer a partnership program that builds upon the interests of a purpose-driven workforce. We provide companies with the right tools to strengthen office teams, unite employees, and improve overall morale in the workplace. This program is designed for companies that pride themselves in corporate culture and employee engagement. Recent studies show that effective ‘cause marketing’ and ‘charitable giving’ programs in the workplace can lead to greater success in recruiting millennials. In addition, these same programs result in higher retention of talented professionals. These are just some of our valued corporate partners and sponsors:

We want to help your company achieve success in its pursuit of meaningful charitable causes. Through a non-profit partnership with CharityVision, your company will experience greater team-building through service, opportunities to volunteer, and improved job satisfaction. In addition, we will feature your company name and logo on our website, in our collateral materials, and across social media platforms and presentations. Your customers and clients will be thrilled to hear all about your new humanitarian programs! Allow us to customize a unique partnership for your business based on the following options:

Our purpose is to restore sight to those living in darkness all over the world. Join us in this effort. Make the choice to give back. CharityVision will work closely with executive leaders and management teams to design a program that matches your unique corporate needs and interests. We will also provide frequent program updates and newsletters to keep you informed. To get started, please contact Doug Jackson at 801.687.9699 or